The notebook!

Image No. This has nothing to do with Ryan Gosling. I feel that a notebook is such an important tool for any writer. It allows you to write down those ideas that pop into your head at random moments. So many little things can bring inspiration during the day and you need to be ready, because even though you think you will remember it, you won’t! Before you know it you’re at the municipality queuing for two hours to sort out your water bill and that great scene you had thought about is squashed by the depressed teller in front of you.

Some tips about keeping a notebook:

  • Keeeeeep a NOTEBOOK!!
  • Make sure it is small enough to fit into your daily bag
  • A notebook makes no sense without a pen!!
  • It’s a notebook, use it to make notes, even the ones that do not seem important
  • Review your notes at the end of each day and decide which ones will go into the book
  • Keep it next to your bed at night. I find that I sometimes lie awake and ideas start pouring in at 2am in the morning. You might have a dream that’s relevant to your story.
  • Don’t spill coffee on it!



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