My 100 Word Story

A while back I entered the Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition. I thought I would share it with you (needless to say I didn’t win it, in which case this post would look a tad different).

Image Courtesy of csnamibiablog

Image Courtesy of csnamibiablog

They suspect there is a vicious murderer in these here parts. I have been observing the police the whole day now. Police officers perplexed by the torn limbs strewn over these sand dunes. Namibia is a country of vast spaces. Desert as far as the eye can see. Why would a psychopath go through the trouble of dragging their prey all the way out here? I laugh. They are fearful that the murderer might be lurking nearby. I yawn. A dung beetle approaches me. “What have they found?” he asks. “My lunch,” I reply. I roar. They run. I won.


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