Has your story changed direction / genre midway?

Image: icopal.co.uk

Image: icopal.co.uk

This is interesting. I found Stephen King’s book On Writing unputdownable! The man is a legend. Of course the process for everyone differs, but getting the perspective of an acclaimed writer like himself never hurts. He mentioned something that stuck in my mind, about letting your story and characters evolve on their own. I am fairly new at this, and found it a bit confusing, as my idea was that we create the entire story and all the characters and how everything plays out (plot right?). He talks about how some of his novels ended completely different to the original idea (Misery) which was surprising as I only knew the one ending. Originally Paul Sheldon would not survive, and the cover for Misery’s Return would be made from Paul Sheldon’s skin, displayed somewhere in crazy Annie’s house. So we all know that didn’t happen. He mentions in his book that the characters evolved into something completely different and he ended it as they would end it.

After this glorious book I went back to writing. I am a tad behind schedule, about 2000 words, but getting there, then something happened. As I was describing a certain setting, a completely new story (same characters) entered my mind, almost like a “ah-ha” moment. It would change the genre of my book, but I cannot seem to let it go and consequently this idea has now snowballed in my head. I am feeling a little confused although I have a sneaky suspicion that I should follow my gut (that’s why we have them I suppose).

I guess what I wanted to ask was whether this has ever happened to you? And what did you do about it? Some advice, comments or even a “no you are crazy” will do.

Writer’s Regards 🙂