Paperback Writer – The Beatles

Here’s some lyrical inspiration by The Beatles. I have to be honest and say that I have never heard this song before today.
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Released in 1966. Its creation was spawned when McCartney was requested to “not make a song about love.”
Paperback writer, paperback writer

[Verse 1]
Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It’s based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job
So I want to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer!

[Verse 2]
It’s a dirty story of a dirty man
And his clinging wife doesn’t understand
His son is working for the Daily Mail
It’s a steady job
But he wants to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer
Paperback writer, paperback writer

[Verse 3]
It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few
I’ll be writing more in a week or two
I could make it longer if you like the style
I can change it ’round
And I want to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

[Verse 4]
If you really like it you can have the rights
It could make a million for you overnight
If you must return it you can send it here
But I need a break
And I want to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

Paperback writer, paperback writer
Paperback writer, paperback writer
Paperback writer, paperback writer
Paperback writer, paperback writer
Paperback writer


paperback writer – The Beatles  (music video)

I kidnapped my inner editor

Regarding NaNoWriMo – I have hit 12000 and something words. Needless to say I have quite a way to go, but I am chuffed with my progress so far as this is my first REAL attempt at actually completing a novel. I had one small, irritating rock in my shoe though. My inner editor.



What I have decided to do is kidnap her, gag her and tie her to a chair. I then proceeded to take her down to the basement (yup, I am strong like that) and place her in the middle of the floor. After that I loaded a shotgun and placed it carefully in front of her, making damn sure she stared straight into the barrel that could instantly end her life. There is a leaking tap in my basement which I am now happy I never fixed, because I hope the incessant dripping of unfiltered water will drive her insane. Right behind the shotgun, I propped a clown doll on a chair, staring straight at her. The basement is dark, except for a dim light bulb clinging on for dear life right above the doll’s head.



I know, it seems harsh, but I was left with no choice. She constantly badgers me about my plot, my characters, my punctuation. Someone had to shut her up. I suggest you do the same, and if you don’t have a basement, mine is free.

Now I shall write in peace.

Happy Writing!

Random Page Number 1

I will every so often be opening a motivational book on a random page and scribble the writings here. This is for when you’re feeling blue, which is a nicer word for “shit” and let’s face it, “shit” is a better word when you’re feeling blue 🙂 So if you so happen to feel down, pick one of my Random Page Numbers.

Much has been said about the simple writings of The Secret, but at the end of the day it does what it was meant to do.

“You are here on this glorious planet, endowed with this wonderful power, to create your life! There are no limits to what you can create for You, because your ability to think is unlimited! But you cannot create other people’s lives for them. You cannot think for them, and if you try to force your opinions on others you will only attract ‘like’ forces to You. So let all others create the life they want. The universe offers ALL things to ALL people through the law of attraction. You have the ability to choose what you want to experience.

Do you want there to be enough for you and for everyone? Then choose that now. There is unlimited supply. There is so much magnificence. So choose for You, because you are the only one who can.



Hah! You expected an image of a sunset right? Or perhaps an old man holding the hand of a just as old woman, smiling life’s troubles away? Those would have worked fine, but perhaps you feel more like an abandoned castle. Maybe you are trying to crawl through the twigs and branches that surround you so you can be seen again. Then the above post is for you 🙂 We are all a little rusty and a little dusty, ain’t nothing wrong with that!


My NaNoWriMo Checklist

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I am fairly new to the writing world and discovered by chance (or, or, I was MEANT to discover) this “thing” called NaNoWriMo. I read some posts by fellow bloggers and soon discovered that this is quite a daunting mission. A mission that has chewed up and spat out some of its best undercover agents. So, naturally, as we do, I decided that I need something daunting in my life.

Can I do it? What do I need? A roof over my head. Check. A computer (do people still even call it that?). Check. An idea. Half check. A constant desire to write with large spurts of procrastination. Check. Guilt for staying home and writing while drones of people scatter to their cubicles every day. Check. Fear of not completing my 50 000 word count due to lack of confidence. Check. A small puppy called TED constantly tugging at my slippers with his shark sharp teeth. Check. Enough coffee to see me through the drought with chocolate chip cookies for dipping. Check. Sunny weather with patches of gloominess and howling winds. Cape Town check.

Can I do it? Damn right I can and so can you. All jokes aside, I am extremely excited and scared and the combination of those two emotions makes us do what we do.

Happy NaNoWriMo to you!

Unfamiliar territory? Robert Frost said it best!


This poem never gets old. In case you have not read it in a while,
here it is again.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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Explore. Experience. Write better!


“He parked down by the river and entered the back of a bar that smelled of coffee, flat beer and cigarette smoke that had soaked into the walls and vinyl booths. A swamper was swinging a wet mop on the floor, the bartender loading a cooler with long-necked bottles of beer. A man with peroxided hair, wearing a yellow muscle shirt and stonewashed jeans and polished military boots, split a nine-ball rack with such force the cue ball jumped the rail and rolled across the floor” – James Lee Burke

“I could barely see his old straw hat in the distance as he moved between the rows. I jumped down and hurried to meet him. With dusk approaching the gaps between the rows were even darker. Because the sun and rain had cooperated, the leaves were full and thick and weaving together so that they brushed against me as I walked quickly toward my father” – John Grisham

I admire writers who describe a setting or a person or an action as if they were there, met the person or really scraped their knee on that rough surfice so their skin resembled blood slowly protruding from a sieve.
When writers invite me onto a street in Italy I always wish I had the means to travel there and write about that same street, but what about our OWN cities or hometowns?

I grew up in a small industrial fishing town called Walvis Bay in Namibia. I am now based in Cape Town and have not even seen half of the city. Both these places have endless scenes, textures, smells, tastes, weather, landscapes and characters to offer. No two places are the same.

My aim with this post is to encourage you to explore your immediate surroundings. For instance, stop going to the same old coffee shop. Try a new one. Have a different flavour coffee or muffin at each of them. I once went to a very lovely looking coffee shop, very modern. Their muffins looked absolutely to die for. I ordered the large choc chip and couldn’t wait to bite into the rich, moist chocolate taste. It tasted like cement, old cement if there is such a thing! You could have stoned something to death with that (an example of a texture and taste I will remember).

Look at the interior, feel the fabrics (yes, they might expect the cops and a nurse with a massive needle to burst through the door) and observe the people who go there.

When you write about a certain street – go there. Stand on the sidewalk and look, really look, at the buildings, the architecture, the paint, the windows, the wooden doors, the way the building number dangles from the wall or is stuck to the door.
Go to different beaches (or canyons if you are crazy enough not to live near a beach) and feel the sand, listen to the sounds, time the sunset.

Sneak into that filthy pub and order a beer (take a hand sanitizer if you are so inclined), talk to the barman, go to the restroom and marvel at the disgusting graffiti on the toilet door.

This especially helps me when I get stuck and dull. You will be surprised how by just visiting a new environment, inspiration slaps you in the face. The more we experience, the deeper our knowledge and our resources!

You get the drift. Explore. Experience. Then write better.

Let me know whether you found this useful 🙂

Oh, yeah, and remember your notebook!

The notebook!

Image No. This has nothing to do with Ryan Gosling. I feel that a notebook is such an important tool for any writer. It allows you to write down those ideas that pop into your head at random moments. So many little things can bring inspiration during the day and you need to be ready, because even though you think you will remember it, you won’t! Before you know it you’re at the municipality queuing for two hours to sort out your water bill and that great scene you had thought about is squashed by the depressed teller in front of you.

Some tips about keeping a notebook:

  • Keeeeeep a NOTEBOOK!!
  • Make sure it is small enough to fit into your daily bag
  • A notebook makes no sense without a pen!!
  • It’s a notebook, use it to make notes, even the ones that do not seem important
  • Review your notes at the end of each day and decide which ones will go into the book
  • Keep it next to your bed at night. I find that I sometimes lie awake and ideas start pouring in at 2am in the morning. You might have a dream that’s relevant to your story.
  • Don’t spill coffee on it!